• Onboard floating-point DSP
  • 4/8 axis pulse-train command up to 6.5MHz
  • Trajectory cycle time up to 1 KHz
  • Encoder feedback frequency up to 20 MHz with digital filter design
  • High speed position latch function via ORG and Index signals
  • High speed position comparison and trigger output up to 1MHz for auto-optical inspection
  • 32 additional onboard digital I/O channels (16DI & 16DO) save the cost of a full DI/O card
  • PWM control of laser application
  • Programmable interrupt source control to host PC
  • Watchdog timer for safety control
  • Includes ADLINK’s MotionCreatorPro 2TM suite of graphical installation, 3D trajectory plot, and data sampling for diagnostic programs
  • Support for up to 16 cards in a single system

Motion Features

  • Jogging mode
  • Pre-defined engineering unit
  • Any 2-6 axis linear interpolation
  • Any 3 axis circular interpolation
  • Any 3 axis spiral interpolation (incl. helical interpolation)
  • Multi-axis synchronous motion (Master-Slave)
  • Gantry mode
  • Electronic gear
  • Point table function for contouring application
  • Velocity planning and point-table functions support contouring applications
  • Safety level setting prevents damage to mechanism and operator
  • Trapezoidal, S-curve velocity, user-defined profile
  • Position override & speed override anytime
  • Variety of homing modes via ORG and index signals
  • Backlash compensation
Software Support
  • OS Information
    Windows® 10/8/7/XP
  • Software Compatibility
    • VB/VC++/BCB/VB.NET
    • Various sample programs with source code
  • Software Recommendations
Ordering Information
  • AMP-204C
    DSP-based 4-axis advanced pulse-train motion controller
  • AMP-208C
    DSP-based 8-axis advanced pulse-train motion controller

Cable & Terminal Board

  • ACL-102100-1
    100-pin SCSI- Ⅱ cable, 1M (AMP-204C)
    100-pin SCSI VHDCI cable, available for 2 M, 3 M and 5 M(AMP-208C)
  • DIN-825-4P0
    Terminal Board with 100-pin SCSI- Ⅱ connector for general purpose servo & stepper
Motion Control
Positioning Range 4 x 1015 counts
Speed Progamming Range 32,767,000 count / sec
Max. Acceleration Rate 4 x 1015 counts / sec2
Pulse Output Channels
Number of Channels 4-CH for AMP-204C; 8-CH for AMP-208C
Pulse Output Rate 6.55 Mpps (max.)
Pulse Output Mode CW/CCW, OUT/DIR
Encoder Input Channels
Number of Channels 4-CH for AMP-204C; 8-CH for AMP-208C
Max. Encoder Input Frequency 20 MHz under 4xAB mode
Encoder Input Modes OUT/DIR, CW/CCW and 1x/2x/4x AB phase
Trigger Channels
Number of Trigger Output Channels 2-CH for AMP-204C; 4-CH for AMP-208C
Position Compared Method Linear / FIFO
FIFO Size 16 per channel (hardware-based) ; 5,000 per channel (software-based)
Trigger Pulse Output Frequency 1 MHz for linear comparison ; 1 MHz for FIFO comparison (hardware-based)
500 Hz for FIFO comparison (software-based)
Trigger Pulse Width .2 µs to 167 ms
... ...